•Pure Aromatherapy Massage Cream
•Calming and Relaxing
•100% Pure Essential Oils
•No Synthetic Preservatives, Colors or Fragrances

Our Geranium Massage Cream is a unique blended to calm, purify and detoxify. This non-greasy formulation of the Geranium Massage Cream leaves skin hydrated and soft. It features rich, heavy textured cream base which creates an effortless glide for versatile massage techniques. The smooth glide softens the skin.

The Geranium Massage Cream contains a delicate aroma of Egyptian Geranium Essential oils combined to create a clean, peaceful scent. We are sure you will like it!


250ml: S$ NA
500ml: S$ NA
1L: S$ 60.50
Best Seller Best Seller ★★★★★